prayers to Crush Witchcraft

There is a reason for prayers to crush witchcraft has there are a lot of people who are supposed to be in the front has been push to the back, a lot of people who are supposed to be winners have been converted to losers. And also, there are a lot of people who are living below their expectation.

Those that are supposed to give to others are becoming borrowers. These are some others are the reason we need to do this prayers to crush witchcraft. So get set and prepared your spirit, soul and body to hear from God and use the weapon God has given to you to crush

So we are going to be looking out 120 prayers to crush witchcraft. Nahum chapter 3 verse 1 and verse 4. Witchcraft is still the public enemy number one. Psalm 10 verse 8, and psalm 59 verse 6. These enemy called witchcraft hate progress with perfect hatred. They supervises both personal and national problems. They have destroyed nations, families etc. If not for this, many people will not be suffering today.

Click the link below to download the audio message and listen to it. it is a powerful sermon from Dr Olukoya


You can also download the full video sermon from the link below

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