A Lesson from Lot by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

A Lesson from Lot is on what you will learn from Abram and his brother son called Lot. The way you are now were been program before. Either it is done by yourself or by the society. And you need to be smart to program yourself for the future you want. You can program your spirit for higher life.

Genesis chapter 12 from verse 1. Is about the story of Abram and his cousin Lot. He was his brother son that went with Abram when God call him. They have substance when they left their home town. And Abram was very rich in cattle in silver and in Gold. He was very rich. If you loved poverty, that means you are not Abraham seed.

Some Christians pretend they don’t need money but they are working. Why would you work if you don’t need money? Read Genesis chapter 13 from verse 5, Lot became rich by listening to Abram. Nobody ever went to Jesus and remain poor.

CLICK HERE now to download the audio message and listen to it. it is a powerful sermon from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Powerful message from a real man of God. You can also watch the full video sermon by clicking this LINK


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