Mouth and Wisdom

The mouth and wisdom is a powerful weapon that God has given to us to defeat Satan. For every power that will raise against you, when you use the weapon of mouth and wisdom, a voice from heaven will silent those powers.

When circumstances around you become un-favorable, God will give you a mouth and wisdom to apply. With The mouth and wisdom from God, every Lion standing in your way of success shall die in Jesus name, Amen.

Wither you like it on not, every righteous man will face tribulation. Unto every man or woman of destiny, there is always a conspiracy against them. So when they conspire against you, just ask for a mouth and wisdom from God.

A mouth and wisdom shall destroy all the witch craft tongues gather aginst you in Jesus name, Amen. Hosea 14 verse 2, Take with you words and turn to the Lord. Even if the war against you, with the word from God, you will overcome them Words have creative powers, they have double barrel mouth, they can break down and also create.

If you read your bible well, you will know that our God is a God of speech and words. He spoke and things came to pass. All things were made by the spoken word of God. Jesus when he was on earth spoke word to angry waves and they were silent.

Words can enter into the spiritual realm and bring forth any thing you commanded it to bring out. Be it evil or good.

CLICK HERE to download the audio message and listen to it. it is a powerful sermon by Dr David Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Prayer Ministry.

You can also watch the live video sermon from this LINK


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