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DrPaul Enenche was born in Orokam, Benue State. His native ethnic group is the Idoma. Before he became a pastor in Nigeria, he was a practicing doctor in Benue State. However, his main goal in life was not to be just a doctor.

Understanding purpose

Triumphing Over Premature Death

Triumphing Over Premature Death is the ability to overcome the death that occurs before the average age of an individual. It is important to...
The Power of Tongues

The Power Of Speaking In Tongues

Speaking in tongues gives access to greater realms of God which benefits us deeply and those around us profoundly. Being baptized in the Holy...
Understanding purpose

Understanding Purpose In Life (Pt. 2)

Your success in life is not a function of your struggles, but it is a function of your placement in Life. In the book...
Pursuing Purpose and Vision (Part 3)

Pursuing Purpose and Vision (Part 3)

Pursuing Purpose and Vision is about how you can achieve your purpose on it. Pst Dr. Paul Enenche in this sermon, through the help...
Understanding Purpose

Understanding Purpose (Pt. 1)

We need to understand our purpose in order to define success in life, to keep on track toward eternal goals, and to see the...

Pursuing Purpose and Vision (Part 2)

THE PURSUIT PROCESS OF VISION: 1. Write the vision Vision receives vitality when it is documented. "The faintest ink is more powerful than the most powerful...
Purpose And Profit Of Prayer

Understanding The Purpose And Profit Of Prayer

Understanding The Purpose And Profit Of Prayer by Pst Dr. Paul Enenche WHAT IS PRAYER: Prayer is the platform for the connection of the relationship...
Understanding Purpose

Pursuing Purpose and Vision (Part 1)

Purpose and Vision Part 1 by Pst Dr. Paul Enenche. The Scriptures make it clear that vision must be pursued in order to be fulfilled (Hab. 2:2) Vision...

Pursuing Purpose and Vision (Part 3)

Pursue the vision Pursuit has to do with taking steps and making moves regarding the vision Every vision requires a fighting spirit for actualisation 4a. Pursuit...

Understanding Purpose (Pt. 3)

Life does not reward busyness, it rewards effectiveness. You cannot effectively manage your time if you don’t understand your purpose in life. Everyone of...

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