The Mystery Of The Seventh Month

The Mystery Of The Seventh Month by Pst James Chinwuba-Jesus

Why did the Lord God take seven days to make the present world, when surely an omnipotent God could have done so instantly, with a single word (the answer is so simple that it may astound you)? The Scriptures say that there are seven Spirits of God (Rev. 3:1, 4:5, and 5:6). There are numerous places throughout the Scriptures where God denotes things in “sevens” or multiples of seven. The Bible also shows us that God uses “sevens” throughout the Scriptures to denote prophetic time.

The very first use of “sevens” to denote time is found in Genesis chapters one and two. That very first group of seven days has delineated the days of the week since the beginning of human history. Man certainly has messed with the years and the calendars (so no man today can know EXACTLY what year it really is), but that seven-day week system has survived from Adam until today. No wonder – it was ordained by God from the beginning of this world. The 7th Day was proclaimed as something VERY special from the very first two chapters of the Biblical account.


In the Book of Revelation the number 7 is used throughout. There are SEVEN churches, SEVEN Spirits, SEVEN stars, SEVEN seals, SEVEN trumpets, SEVEN vials, SEVEN personages, SEVEN dooms, and SEVEN new things. SEVEN symbolizes Spiritual Perfection. All of life revolves around this number. SEVEN is used over 700 times in the Bible. It is used 54 times in the Book of Revelation.

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About Pastor James Chinwuba-Jesus

Pst James Chinwuba is the senior pastor of Heaven’s Intervention Fire


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