The Mystery Of The Sixth Month

The Mystery Of The Sixth Month by Pst James Chinwuba-Jesus

The mystery of the sixth month is for the uncovering of secrets by the spirit of God as described in the bible book of (Ezekiel 8:1-6). The sixth month is also the month for rooting out of problems as stated In the book of (Haggai 1:1-2, 4-6). Also the sixth month is the month of repentance and return (Haggai 1:13-15). The 6th month is for mysterious happenings. God entered the womb of a woman in the 6th month. (Luke 1:26-38).

Six is preparation day for the Sabbath Rest – a day of man and the double blessing of manna. Pst James Chinwuba through the help of the holy spirit explain more about the mystery of the sixth month. In the sermon, the holy spirit used him to explain details and what to do in the sixth month.

What more can I say, click the link below to download the audio sermon in MP3 for format for your android phones and memory card. Listen to the word of God as you go on your day to day activities.

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The Mystery of the 6th month by Pst James Chinwuba-Jesus

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About Pastor James Chinwuba-Jesus

Pst James Chinwuba is the general overseer of Heaven’s Intervention Fire Ministry World-wide. A man full of the power of God and the word of God. He is popularly called “Holy Ghost Man”.




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