The Power Of Vals

The Power Of Vows By Pst James Chinwuba-Jesus

There is power in vals. A val is a serious promise to do something or to behave in a certain way. A serious promise which is made to another. (1st Samuel 1 vs 1-1, 19). Children of God, I like you to understand that, there is nothing that moves God to turn a difficult situation than vals. Through the help of the holy spirit, Pst James Chinwuba was able to say that, our heavenly father loves promise.

He has made his promises and has given us. He wants to hear your own promise. He is not asking you to do for him first, he is the one to do it but he wants to hear from you first. Children of God stop struggling when there is a key to open the door.

Vals are strong promises made to unlock hard doors. Strong door answer to vals made unto God. God loved to fulfill promises but he wants to hear your promise to him. Because, when he fulfill his promise he made to you, you may forget him. But when there is a binding promise from him and from you, he is comfortable turning around the situation.

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