Three Levels Of Power

Three Levels Of Power By Pastor James Chinwuba-Jesus

There are three places where life exist and every where there is life, there is powers. Life exist in the heavenly, life exist on earth and life exist beneath the earth. The one that exist in the heavenly, are in the realm of the supernatural, the one that exist on the earth is a combination of the natural and the power that exist under the earth. While the one that exist beneath the earth is at the realm call controlling powers.

Every situation you are passing through in life, there is a power controlling it. Nothing just happened, there is a power at work that makes it to happen. (Ephesian 6 vs 10-16). You should understand that life is a battle field and all the days of a man life is full of battle. But the joy of it is that, for Every battle you conquer, you move to the next level. (Psm 145 vs 9). That the witch has refuse to die, it is because of the mercy of God.

Pastor James Chinwuba through the help of the holy spirit explain the three levels of powers. Click below to download the audio sermon.

Three levels of power by pst James Chinwuba-Jesus (MP3)

You can also watch or download the video from the link below

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